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Car Show Details

 All Makes and Models are Welcome!

 Celebrating one nation under God.

June 30th

Roll in: 8:00 am -2 pm 

Car show: 3-7 pm

Entry for only $40 per car.

**Please be advised this is a family-friendly event. There will be no alcoholic beverages or paraphernalia allowed.***

Important Notice

1. The engine starting system is made inoperable or batteries are disconnected except where the fire code official requires that the batteries remain connected to maintain safety features.

2. Fuel in fuel tanks does not exceed one-quarter tank or 5 gallons (19 L) (whichever is least).

3. Fuel tanks and fill openings are closed and sealed to prevent tampering.

Vehicles, aircraft, boats, or other motorcraft equipment are not fueled or defueled within the building.

Winner will be announced at Celebrate America

Car Category

Best all-around $500 & Trophy 

  • 1st place $250 & Trophy

  • 2nd place $150 & Trophy

  • 3rd place $100 & Trophy 

Motorcycle Category

Best all-around $500 & Trophy 

  • 1st place $250 & Trophy

  • 2nd place $150 & Trophy

  • 3rd place $100 & Trophy 

Bicycle Category 

Best all-around $300 & Trophy

  • 1st place $250 & Trophy

  • 2nd place $150 & Trophy

  • 3rd place $100 & Trophy

Sponsored by 

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Thank you for supporting Cornerstone Church Celebrate America drawing conducted by Cornerstone Church

The following terms and conditions apply:


1. A ticket represents a chance to win the opportunity to receive the designated prize, and to win the grand price of an offer of the vehicle 1947 Ford Coupe, on these terms and conditions and, upon winning the car, those additional terms in the “Agreement,” which are hereby incorporated herein by reference. The winning ticket shall be selected by a drawing at random and all tickets have an equal opportunity to be drawn. Tickets, receipts and the winner’s rights are not transferable. The winner need not be present at the drawing.

2. Only 3,000 tickets will be entered into Cornerstone Church drawing. If a minimum of 1,000 tickets are not sold, Cornerstone retains the right to extend the drawing date, or otherwise hold the drawing as scheduled

3. Winner agrees to accept The Cornerstone “Coupe Car” and any other prize awarded in its “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, subject to all latent and patent conditions, with absolutely no express or implied warranties of any kind by Cornerstone and subject to all applicable laws and regulations.


4. The winner will be announced at Celebrate America on June 30, 2024 and will be posted on the Cornerstone Church website. The winner will have until close of business day (4:30 p.m.), July 29, 2024 to claim their prize and to accept the prize “as is” and, if applicable, pursuant to the terms stated in the Cornerstone Church Transfer Agreement. In the event of forfeiture, Cornerstone Church may retain ownership of 1947 Ford Coupe or any other prizes and reserves the right to determine its next course of action, including, without limitation, the right to designate an alternative winner.

5. Prizes awarded in connection with the Cornerstone Church drawing will not be awarded, and will be deemed forfeited, if the winner’s ticket was issued in exchange for a check returned for “insufficient funds” or for a credit card deemed “declined,” “invalid,” “disputed,” “charged back,” or “stolen,” or otherwise determined to be issued under fraudulent conditions.

6. The IRS has adopted the position that the $25 ticket price to participate in the drawing is not deductible as a charitable donation for federal income tax purposes. Winners are encouraged to consult a tax professional.

7. All sales of tickets for the drawing are final and there shall be no refunds. If for any reason a valid ticket is not included in the raffle, the ticket holder is limited to a refund of the ticket price.

8. The winner of the Cornerstone Church 1947 Ford Coupe shall have no rights to the vehicle until it is fully and unconditionally accepted by the winner as evidenced by the timely execution of the Cornerstone Church Transfer Agreement and title is transferred to the winner. The Cornerstone Church 1947 Ford Coupe remains the sole property of Cornerstone Church until unconditionally accepted “as is, where is” by the winner.


9. Acceptance of prizes awarded is permission for Cornerstone Church to use the name, picture, video image, and relevant quotes of the winner(s).


10. The winner is subject to any and all federal and state income taxes, sales tax, licensing fees and other taxes or fees payable due to acceptance of prizes awarded in connection with the Cornerstone Church drawing and the law, regulations, procedures, rules and directives applicable to raffles. The winner is responsible for all fees and costs as provided in the Cornerstone Church Transfer Agreement.


11. If there is more than one name on an entry, the prize will be awarded to the first name listed on the entry as the winner, so long as that person is 18 years or older and a U.S. resident. It is the sole responsibility of the winner in a multiple party entry to allocate any prize among the participants in the multiple party entry.


12. Cornerstone Church is not responsible for any items damaged, lost, or stolen in or from the vehicle.


13. Winner must be a U.S. resident and 18 years of age or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. This is not a solicitation. For information purposes only.


14. Purchase of this ticket constitutes agreement by the purchaser that he/she/they agree(s) with all terms and conditions set forth and incorporated herein.


15. The drawing is subject to rescheduling at reasonable discretion by Cornerstone Church. For example, Cornerstone Church may extend the drawing date under certain circumstances, including without limitation Celebrate America event delays.


16. This is your receipt. Cornerstone Church is a 501(c)(3) organization #77-0060203

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