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Showers Of Hope

Cornerstone Showers of hope


  • Showers Of Hope Mission

  • Thank You---“IICF”-Community United In Service

  • Thank you---Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kantor

  • Thank You––John Emerzian

  • Thank You--- Howard Construction and Marc Russo

  •   Volunteer Karen Walters Perspective

  •   Message From SOH Director Mike Osmer

  • Message From Executive Pastor Rudy Reyna

Cornerstone Showers of hope


The outpouring of love that began in 2023 served more than 2000 people by providing showers, hygiene items, clothing, food, and access to resources for healing and transformation in a new life. With the hope to finally exit living on the streets. What guests express brings them back to the Showers of Hope is the love and care received through the volunteers. This is all possible because of the love, dedication, and vision of Pastors Jim and Cyndi Franklin.  1Cor.16:14 (NIV) Mission Statement: “Showers of Hope missions provide resources with love and dignity to those we encounter. Hands are extended to the men and women of Fresno and beyond. Our goal is to enhance lives on the streets with maximum outreach. The mission and vision are to bring transformation to the city. We believe that with God’s grace, the Showers of Hope refresh the body; the mind, heart, and soul will follow.” Because of Transformations from the Showers of Hope, there are now former SOH guests who previously resided on the streets and now act as volunteers helping to bring others home.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 16:14.

PRAY: For healing, wisdom, and resources.

ACTION: Please invite friends to support the mission.

Cornerstone Showers of hope

GREAT SUPPORT- THANK YOU–– INSURANCE INDUSTRY CHARITABLE FOUNDATION (IICF) This year IICF granted 9,000 dollars to Cornerstone Fresno-Showers of Hope. Representatives (left to right), Sheila Ghimenti from Travelers Insurance, and Diane Carpenter from Zenith Insurance presented a check to Michael Osmer and Pastor Rudy Reyna. The partnership supports SOH's continuance of its mission for 2024. The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) was established in 1994 by the insurance industry. They help communities by uniting the collective strengths of the industry to provide grants and volunteer service. IICF’s generosity will support the Showers of Hope mission to assist with Life Transformations: transitions into housing, educational resources, job acquisition, and physical and spiritual healing will continue with love and caring. SOH moves forward with sharing Hands-on volunteer opportunities that the IICF Grant helped to make possible. Thank you IICF for uniting with SOH to joyfully serve our community with Love.

SCRIPTURE: John 15:16-17.

PRAY: For transformation of lives through our joint efforts.

Cornerstone Showers of hope

THE KANTORS CONTINUE THEIR PASSION WITH OUTREACH AND SERVICE— THANK YOU Tim Kantor stands beside the truck that he used to serve God through the Showers of Hope. Tim and his wife Valori decided it was time to give their truck to the Showers of Hope ministry. Tim said, ”I didn’t need it, it’s the way I grew up!” Tim iterated a story as a proud son of a Hungarian minister who came to America and taught him and others how to live, love, and serve. The Kantors wanted to reach the community and continue to build God's Kingdom in memory of their parents. They chose Cornerstone to live out their vision honoring God. Because they gifted SOH with the truck, units can be placed in areas and reach people with needs. Tim said, “I help set up with the team and keep the coffee hot, I meet the people, and giving the truck is like being part of the family, it was just the right thing to do.” Thank you Tim and Valori, we love you!

SCRIPTURE: Luke 12:33-34. PRAY: Blessings upon those who are generous.

ACTION: Seek a ministry and use your gifts, love, and serve others.

Cornerstone Showers of hope

FRIENDS MATTER, THANK YOU––JOHN EMER ZIAN John Emerzian has been a friend of The Showers of Hope Ministry. He has assisted in contacting the community for monetary support and In-Kind donations. He inspires enthusiasm and has reached out to friends on numerous occasions. When Showers Of Hope is looking for a particular craftsman, business, or resource John is always ready to brainstorm find an answer, and follow through with prospects for development. God provides as we unite building his kingdom.

SCRIPTURE: John 15:1.

PRAY: Friendship multiplies discipleships. ACTION: Love brothers and sisters through community outreach and service.

Cornerstone Showers of hope




Marc Russo pictured left, teamed with Howard Construction to renovate the Showers of Hope trailer adding doors and other revisions. This expanded the capacity for serving men and women with longer shower times and increased the number of guests that can be served each day. Their dedication and friendship made it possible to touch more lives gifting love and hope with warm shower waters and warm hearts. Their efforts helped to expand the vision of serving more guests and increased efficiency helping the team to optimize sharing quality time, and good work-loving people while transforming lives. Thank you for partnering with Showers of Hope!

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 54:1.

PRAY: Expansion reaches many more enriching the Kingdom.

Cornerstone Showers of hope


When I decided to volunteer for Showers of Hope in January 2023, I had no idea how the experience would change my life. I have served in children’s ministry and bible studies but never in homeless outreach programs. On my knees, I asked God to give me his heart for this ministry. I had no idea where to begin sharing with unsheltered friends. My first day at the Showers was a life-altering experience. I asked a young man if I could pray a blessing over him. He welcomed the opportunity to share some of his life challenges. As we began to shed tears, the Holy Spirit moved and I knew there was no going back to normal. My heart was broken for my new friend. I have listened, prayed, hugged, and called the ambulance. Leaning into my relationship with God gives me strength and understanding. Very real situations and traumas encountered in this ministry challenged and deepened my walk with Jesus like no other experiences in my life. We help guests but there is also transformation in those who volunteer and make themselves available to do God’s work. We are blessed beyond measure!

SCRIPTURE: 1 John 3:16-18.

PRAY: For healing in Fresno and nearby communities.

ACTION: Invite a friend to volunteer.

Cornerstone Showers of hope

MESSAGE FROM PASTOR RUDY- BUILDING BRIDGES IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL Once we build a bridge we can reach others in need. On the bridge, trust is gained. It may start to be a fragile bridge like a two-inch by four-inch board, but as we meet together the bridge expands and trust is gained. Individuals may trust in a way we do not understand, but as they continue to meet us on that bridge opportunities for healing, growth, and understanding occur. Contacts with families are made, even after several years of being separated. I have seen families come back together and the loved one leaves life on the street. Several stories of success have become reality since the inception of the Showers of Hope. Showers of Hope opens doors for trust in an environment of welcoming people willing to step out with a willingness to build bridges. Bridges are built with love and peace ultimately connecting people, enriching their lives and the lives of others. Thank you all for being part of this process and adventure, sharing love, and ultimately “Building Bridges.” SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 19:17.

PRAY: For discernment to know how to build bridges reaching individuals' needs.

Cornerstone Showers of hope

MESSAGE FROM SHOWERS OF HOPE DIRECTOR MKE OSMER God has blessed SOH with warriors who serve with love and kindness. All of this is only possible because so many folks say “YES” and are willing to help in so many ways. Every day I get to experience joy as I think about what my brothers and sisters say, see, and do as we serve together. The Showers of Hope Team is growing abundantly with faithful servants. It has been amazing to experience how relationships have developed unifying the team and the guests. Our family is growing and expanding with measures beyond expectations. God willing, his Kingdom will continue to grow and the harvest will be plentiful! Thank you everyone. SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14. PRAY: Lives are transformed and families are reunited. ACTION: Visit with others and consider partnering with our SOH Team.

We have Immediate Needs For The Following:

MEN PANTS: SIZES 34, 36, 38








Drop Off 1559 BROADWAY ST• FRESNO, CA 9372

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