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  No matter what stage, age, or season you find yourself in, Cornerstone Church is for you! We invite you to come just as you are and be a part of this community of people who are striving to bring our city back to God!


  The Historic Wilson Theater is our sanctuary. You’ll find loving hosts at each door, ready to welcome you in. At 8 AM we meet for a special prayer service together, where we pray for our city, our community, and our church. At 9 and 11 AM weekly, the celebration begins! We worship God together, thank Him for how He is moving in our lives, and get a powerful word from the Lord for the week ahead.


  At Cornerstone you’ll find a group of imperfect people serving a perfect God. We are grateful for who He is, and what He is doing in our midst. We know that if not for Him, we wouldn’t even exist. Jesus in Luke 7:47 referred to the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, and said those who are forgiven of much, love much.

That’s us.


  We’ve been forgiven of much, and love God much. Cornerstone’s tapestry is woven with people from every walk of life; every ethnicity, every economic and educational background. We appreciate the scars because they remind us of our journey to get here. We work because there’s a cause: to change the world. Our hope is that YOU will come, feel at home, and will get to work with us, to see the lost – found, see the lonely – loved, see the hurting – healed and do the Jesus stuff, to fulfill His great commission.

Come TRY CORNERSTONE – we believe there’s a place for YOU here!


We know that showing up to a new place for the first time can be intimidating, but at Cornerstone Church it’s our desire that you feel right at home from the moment you pull into the parking lot! As a first-time guest, you are a VIP to us so we’ll be there with you every step of the way! Be sure to stop by the Connections table to get your free gift; we’re excited to meet you!



At Cornerstone Church, there is no dress code! Some people show up in suits, and others wear jeans and t-shirts. We want you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!


On your first visit to Cornerstone, be sure to let the Parking Attendants know that you are a first-time guest, because they are ready with special parking reserved just for you, closest to the The Historic Wilson Theater, where our services are held.


The care and growth of every child is our highest priority and our passion is to create exciting, Bible-driven, interactive environments especially designed for your kids! We have a service just for them that is available during each worship experience so you can enjoy a great service knowing your child is being loved and nurtured!

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